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I want to thank you all for an excellent customer service experience.  My representative has been wonderful to work with.  I am delighted to be on the phone with someone whose knowledge, respect and sense of humor made this process much less challenging.  I am also grateful that that she is easy to understand and explain what we are doing and why every step of the way.

Yvonne P. June 15, 2017

I would like to tell you how diligent and faithful the representative assigned to me has been.  She calls me to make sure that everything is going smoothly.  I appreciate being placed with her.  Thank you also as a firm for representing me during my financial restoration.

Barbara B. June 15, 2017

In the few months on our long journey to credit card clean up I feel that when I hear from my representative she is focused on me.  She is sensitive to my needs and provides the quickest and most convenient solution to my problems from their prospective.  I look forward to the weekly calls.  Going into this was very scary for me and they have made this a very pleasant transition.  I did not plan to get where I am with my credit, however, it is very comforting to hear a friendly and reassuring voice on the other end of the phone making every effort to assure me “it will be ok”.  I feel that someone is looking out for my best interest and thanks to your firm that scary cloud is starting to lift. 

I appreciate the professional and courteous attitude, expert knowledge and patience in handling my specific issues.

Darrell H. June 15, 2017

I would like to take this time to express my appreciation and thanks for the work that has been done on my behalf.  Commonwealth has taken genuine interest and shown a high degree of patience in my representation.  My customer service representative has taken the time to make sure that I understand the process that I must take in dealing with my legal and financial matters.  I have made numerous calls and they have always been responded to in a timely manner in which I was provided with the necessary answers to my questions without rushing the phone calls.  She demonstrates a high level of professionalism.  It is nice to know that you have staff members who really care about doing their job.  I am pleased to be represented by a firm that goes the extra mile.

Paul K. June 15, 2017

I am writing to let you know how nice it is doing business with your debt solution program.   I enrolled in this program in January after endless hours of deliberation.  I had huge concerns and was very frightened to take this step.  Your staff, from the first person I spoke with has been very helpful and kindhearted.  They are also very knowledgeable which is very comforting to me.  This is the first time I have had to approach this type of situation and the firm has been right there for me.  Keep up the great work and smile in your heart.

Deborah P. June 15, 2017

I am so glad that I entered into this program; I only wish I had done so earlier!  First and foremost, I am so glad to have my customer service specialist.  He is a good and caring person.  He told me all about the program and how it works, also if I have any questions I just ask him.  He calls in to check on me to see if I have anything from Chase and just to see how things are going!

Julie M. June 15, 2017

I wish to inform Commonwealth Services that since I enrolled in your program I have been treated with the utmost respect by every person who contacted me in that enrollment process. Our representative who provides customer care for your company has been a faithful voice in keeping me informed of the process on a regular basis, and has provided answers for all my questions. She has provided me a far different experience than I had in the past with a company that provides a similar service for debt ridden people as you.

I am grateful for the professional manner I have experienced by all employees of Commonwealth Services. It is she who makes me want to stand up and cheer because she is the person who is in touch with me to keep me up to date on how the debt reduction happens and where we are in the goal of debt reduction of my CITI Credit Card. I am comfortable putting my financial situation in the hands of Commonwealth Services.

Thank you for your good work. Peace be with you.

Robert C. June 15, 2017

Initially I was anxious about Commonwealth Law services. I was initially told by most of my creditors that they did not deal with Commonwealth. In just a few short months Commonwealth has settled many of my accounts and most of all those who said they would not work with them! I couldn’t be happier and am well on my way to being debt free. Thank you to Commonwealth and your team.

Anne W. June 15, 2017

For the last year we have been clients of Commonwealth Law. We have been very happy so far with their work and especially our customer service representative. In the first few months there were numerous occasions we had questions, he was always there to answer them in a professional manner in which we could understand. He has always been very pleasant and knowledgeable. We are very happy with being represented by this firm and the exceptional service.

Mary and Raymond S. June 15, 2017

As a client of Commonwealth I would like to tell you how much we appreciate your assistance in our debt elimination program. First, the quick responses we receive when needing assistance with the creditors. All have been very responsive and have never dropped the ball since we handed it to you. Second, professionalism. Your staff has a certain nature about them that I have enjoyed since our first conversation. That is so comforting to have when facing this type of situation, knowing a friend is there. Thank you!

Joey & Sheryl J. June 15, 2017