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Business Litigation

Business Litigation

If you’re currently involved in any kind of dispute with a business, you’ll need a qualified business litigator to help you. Whether you’re a business owner or a consumer, CommonWealth Law Group can help you resolve your dispute fairly and get the best settlement possible.

Intellectual Property Lawsuits

Intellectual property disputes are becoming more and more common–in fact, they’re one of the most common types of business litigation. Any time someone uses creative or original work belonging to someone else, the potential for an intellectual property dispute is there.

Basically, photos, text, videos and anything else someone might post on their website is considered copyrighted intellectual property. If a site owner ever uses any of these things without explicit, written permission, they may be in violation of your intellectual property rights. Business litigators can help you resolve the issue, whether that means contacting the site owner or filing a lawsuit, and can also help generate a written contract to cover you if you do get permission to use someone else’s work.

Business Partnerships

When people decide to become partners in a business, hopefully everybody is on the same page. It’s best to get it in writing, however, so that you can minimize disputes and clarify exactly what each partner’s rights and responsibilities are. You also may have to fulfill legal requirements in order to make sure your partnership complies with state and federal laws.

Business litigators can help you set up a partnership. In the event a partnership goes bad–for example, if a partner does not act in good faith, hides financial information from partners or engages in deliberate fraud–your business litigator can help you protect your interests.

Settling Insurance Claims

Insurance is supposed to help minimize your need for an attorney, but sadly it often does not. Insurance companies often deny claims or pay as little on them as possible, as it is not cost-effective to pay out large claims. If this happens, you may need a business litigator to help protect your rights. Business litigation may be needed to resolve insurance disputes and get the settlement you are entitled to.

Arbitration and Mediation

Business attorneys often focus on settling lawsuits quickly through processes of arbitration or mediation. These processes help save everybody time and money and ensure a fair settlement.


is a process in which both sides agree to allow a neutral third party (usually a judge) settle the dispute for them. Each side presents their case; the third party then makes a ruling.


is a process in which a third party helps both sides negotiate an agreement. Mediation continues until a compromise is reached that both parties are comfortable with. The agreement is then put into writing and submitted to a judge for approval.

If you’re currently involved in a business dispute, don’t procrastinate about getting legal help! The sooner you begin working with a business litigator, the more likely you are to get the outcome you deserve. Contact CommonWealth Law Group today if you need help with a business dispute.